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Do Poodles Have to Get Haircuts?

The only time a poodle absolutely has to get a haircut is for the show ring. Otherwise, let his coat grow long, cut it short or put him in dreadlocks. He still needs to be brushed at least every other day, and an ungroomed poodle is an unhappy poodle.

Brushing a poodle is a long and tedious process for dog and groomer that must be done before any clipping or cutting. Poodles shed very little, and because their coat is curly, the loose hairs stay in the coat. You have to remove these, along with any mats and tangles, from the coat with a slicker brush, and it’s a bit like carding wool. You brush a while, starting at the tail, and then you take a break; so does the dog, unless he’s one who goes to sleep while being brushed. Then back to brushing. Once the whole coat is brushed out, the dog can be bathed and dried and the fluffy coat can be sheared, scissored and packed into any number of fancy shapes and styles, or shaved off altogether.


Poodle Grooming Singapore

Poodles are rated as the second most intelligent breed of dogs. It is also one of the most popular purebred dog breeds for house pet, especially among female owners.

They are known for being energetic, elegant and fun-loving. Due to the versatility of their fur coats which can be clipped into various fun designs and patterns, they become even more adorable and entertaining.

Despite its rapid-growing fur, the poodle is actually one of the most hypoallergenic and lightest-shedding breed of all coated breeds. This means that compared to other breeds, the poodle sheds less fur and produces less dander that could trigger allergic reactions at home. However, its long coat requires constant maintenance, thus making it a high maintenance breed.

Wooly Lamb

A poodle under a year of age can go into the show ring in a puppy clip, which is uniformly fluffy but shaped all over the body and legs with close-shaven face, feet and tail (except for the tassel). A bit shorter and you have the lamb clip, the kennel clip or the utility clip.


In between the massive mane and stylized patches of the show clips and the plain Jane of the utility clip are many different haircuts that are the result of an owner’s fantasy or a groomer’s inspiration.


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