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HELP… My child wants a pet rabbit!

Your child desperately wants a pet rabbit of their own & all you are hearing is “Can I have a pet rabbit?”, “Please, please can i have a bunny?” Many children will be asking this question as soon as they can talk & it’s not surprising when they grow up with cute rabbits as cuddly toys, in cartoons & films & not forgetting Easter.

Rabbits are fantastic, adorable, intelligent, funny, cheeky, loving & full of personality. But to see all these things in rabbits, you have to look after them correctly. That means giving them lots of love, care and attention, as well as providing them with a big spacious home & exercise area, that will need regular cleaning. You also have to have a lot of patience to earn the trust from your rabbit, before they become friendly & confident enough to trust you. There is a lot more to caring for rabbits than you may think.


Bunny facts you need to know

Rabbits are not cheap pets

The average cost of one rabbit per year is easily over $1000, even more if you buy a baby rabbit that needs to be neutered/spayed & vaccinated. Also in the first year, when you are buying a decent home and exercise area, that will add an extra $300- $700 on top of the $1000.

Rabbits need a lot of looking after

Sadly many people think you just have to feed them twice a day & give them a cuddle – wrong.  A rabbit takes even more care than what a dog does. If you are buying a rabbit for the reason they are less work & responsibility than a dog, then please do not buy one.

A rabbit’s diet is not as easy as you think

Rabbit’s stomachs are very delicate, so it’s very important to know all about the correct daily diet. Did you know that rabbits need to eat a ball of hay the size of themselves every day & too many carrots are bad for bunnies?

Rabbits are very clean animals

Their homes will need cleaning out on a very regular basis. Once a week is not good enough and will cause many health problems.

Rabbits need to keep their minds active

It is so important to keep your rabbits mind stimulated. They can become bored very quickly & can then become either depressed or disruptive. So be sure to provide lots of fun toys for them to throw about and rabbit safe chew toys for them to happily demolish.

Bunny needs grooming

One of the most important things about grooming your rabbit is that in their language, it is an expression of respect, love and bonding. It is always better if you do it yourself, but for those who do not have time or feel that it is too difficult, I offer my mobile rabbit grooming service. It is something that I recommend you do on a regular schedule, especially toe nail trims.

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