3 Simple Ways To Make Time For Your Pet Daily

Credit: Myriam’s – Fotos @Pixabay

By that, we don’t just mean bringing your dog for a quick walk around the block but rather, really spend time with your pet as you would with your mobile phone daily.

If your pet is like ours, he is there the moment you are home. Tail wagging and thumping against the floor, all smiles and jumping up on us as if we were away for an eternity! We get wet licks all over our faces when we bend down down to greet him and hug him, telling him how we have missed him and that we are so happy to be home and to be with him. Yes, we most certainly hug him and say those words to our beloved pet.

It’s so easy to forget that our pets are the only ones who never judge us when things go wrong or right, they are always there for us regardless – in good times and in bad. Their love for us is completely unconditional. Yet do we really show them just how much they are appreciated and loved by us? Spend a moment to reflect on this if you haven’t already.

What our pets really want is for us, pet parents, to spend time with them, instead ofmaterial things like new toys. It’s never too late to show them they are loved. Here are just some things you can do that will put a smile in the heart and on the face of your pet. It’s not the destination but the journey so focus on the action and the result will follow.

  1. Talk to your pet  – yes, you read it right. Oh, they certainly know when you are talking to them! They listen and as pet parents, we know that they understand every single word we say to them – both good and bad. So, mind your language, using only negative words will have a negative impact on your pet. Just like humans, our pets need to be disciplined with the right words when it is called for and praised when they listen to your instructions.
  2. Cuddle, belly rub and caress your pet – a touch is powerful to the soul. We’re sure you have read articles on the power of touch, and this definitely applies to the listed verbs above. Do you notice how a pet responds to being caressed? They absolutely love it. Our pet loves a belly rub and could have one 24/7. He could be lying down in front of the TV and the moment we place a hand near him, his free hind leg automatically swings open for that much loved belly rub.
  3. Walk your dog yourself – unless you are unwell or have a physical or health challenge, walk your dog yourself. Why? Well, it’s a time of bonding and spending time with your pet. Don’t use your mobile phone when you are walking your dog, pay attention to what your pet is doing. You certainly wouldn’t want your pet licking or eating a foreign object, would you? You also get a chance to know your pet better by observing his/her way around their day to day environment.

Being grateful for what we have is important, and what’s more important is showing that gratitude to the ones we love and care for when we still can. So start showing your beloved pet how much you appreciate him/her with the 3 simple ways to make time for your pet daily as shared and you will be rewarded in the most surprising of ways!