Home Rabbit Grooming in Holland Area

Source: SimonaR @ Pixabay

Have your beloved pet rabbit groomed right in the comfort of your own home. We love pets and we love seeing them at their best – right down to looking their best in their own fur <3

Have you heard of our grooming services? Well, for one, rest assured you are in caring and loving hands when you call us for a grooming appointment.

We use only sterilised equipment when grooming – we care for our pet rabbit clients like we care for our own beloved pets. Nothing but the best will do because we know how much you care for your pet.

We have solid experience in handling challenging and nervous rabbits. We treat with them with care and make sure that they are comfortable and gently handled throughout the grooming session.

Our groomers are certified and most importantly they have a big heart for all animals. It shows in the work we do. So if you live in Holland Road, Farrer Road, Botanic Gardens, Nassim Hill, Tanglin Road, Holland Village, Pine Grove, Sunset Way, Clementi, West Coast Road area, Pandan Valley or any part of Singapore – give us a call!

We will provide you with all the vital information you need to make that important step in caring for your pet rabbit!