Grooming Silky and Yorkie Terriers

How to Groom Silky and Yorkie Terriers

The Silky Terrier does require regular bathing and brushing. Their coat is a single layer without any undercoat giving it a luxurious silky texture. A correct coat has a deep shine, it is cool to the touch, and it reflects light in the sunshine. This single layer coat closely resembles a human hair strand. Cleanliness is very important as dirty hair breaks easily and does not grow. In order to keep the coat and skin in good health, Silky’s should be bathed and brushed out weekly or at a minimum every other week.  Even if the Silky Terrier does not have the correct silk coat texture, choosing the right products and using them correctly can give the illusion of a correct coat.

Basic Grooming Needs

Yorkies and silky terriers both need to be brushed and combed regularly to keep their coats tangle-free. Start by dampening the hair with a detangling spray. Using a pin brush, gently brush the hair starting at the ends and working toward the base, lifting the hair up and away from the body. Pay special attention to the area around her butt, wash or trim away any “accidents” that might have gotten snagged her hair there. Once the entire body is free of tangles, use a dog comb to smooth the hair and promote drying. Finish by securing the dog’s hair on top of her head in a top knot with a bow, or part it and secure it with bows at the ears.

“Can I use human shampoo?”

This is a question many people ask, when it comes to the yorkie bathing. The answer is “No!”, you cannot use human shampoo for your Yorkie. But still, you need to use shampoo, because pure water is not enough for the deep and thorough sanitizing. However, even your most favorite or most expensive shampoo you have at home is not suitable for your Yorkie.

The thing is that dogs have different pH hair and skin level, which means that your human shampoo will disturb your dog’s normal pH. And this is not the only reason we ask you not to put even a single drop of your human shampoo on your Yorkie’s body.

Ingredients to avoid in Yorkie Shampoos

There are several ingredients you need to be careful for, when choosing the best Yorkie shampoo. Below, you will see the most dangerous ones, when it comes to your dog`s skin health:

• Parabens: they are well-known with its imitating effect of the hormone, estrogen. And it is not uncommon for the Yorkies to suffer from hormonal dis-balance. Such a shampoo can unlock hormonal problems to your dog, but it is not all. Actually, parabens can cause even cancer to to the dogs.
• Petroleum: some of you might think that there is no way for a shampoo – whether made for humans, or especially for Yorkies – can actually contain it, but you are wrong. Actually, those mineral oils that are determined as so beneficial for the skin (including for baby’s skin and in baby’s cosmetic products) are actually made of petroleum. Make sure you do not use such a product on your puppy.
• The sodium laurel sulfate: another bad ingredient with a very bad effect mostly on your dog’s eyes. Once the shampoo with such a component gets inside your Yorkie’s eyes, there is 80% possibility for it to get an awful irritation. Besides, sodium laurel sulfate is an extremely bad agent for the digestive system and you cannot actually fully make your dog to understand that swallowing the foam of the shampoo is very bad.

How to bathe your Silky or Yorkie

Bathe your silky or Yorkie weekly. Begin by removing any bows, collars or clothing she might be wearing and combing any tangles out of her coat. Place cotton balls in her ears to protect her ear canals from water. Wet her coat thoroughly and apply shampoo. Avoid scrunching or scrubbing as you work the shampoo through the hair. If you have a spray nozzle, aim it downward as you rinse your dog, working in the direction of her coat. Otherwise, use a plastic cup to pour water down her back until she is thoroughly rinsed. Make sure no shampoo is left in her coat, which can dry out her skin and increase matting. Gently pat her dry with a clean towel and follow the instructions above for brushing.

Moisturize a Yorkie’s Coat

Mist your yorkie’s coat lightly with a small spray bottle of olive oil or coat oil. Hold the spray bottle 6 inches above your pup and spray one shot in the middle of her back for light but even coverage. Move your fingers through her hair as the mist falls so the oil reaches beneath the surface of her coat. If your yorkie’s hair is more than 3 inches long, focus on misting the ends of her coat, where dry hair is most likely to split. The oil seals the existing moisture in her hair while protecting it from future breaking.

Brush the oil gently through your yorkie’s hair using a boar bristle brush. The small bristles will distribute the oil through her hair while removing any tangles that developed during her bath. Imagine a line that runs lengthwise down your yorkie’s back. Begin on one side by brushing in a gentle downward motion from root to tip. Repeat on the opposite side. Dry your dog’s hair with a blow dryer to give it an extra silky finish.



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