Grooming your pet

Grooming Your Pet – It Doesn’t Need To be Difficult

There are pet owners who will not groom their pets because whenever they try the experience turns into a disaster that leaves both the pet and the owner with strained nerves and shaken confidence. Many of these pet owners, knowing that their pet is in desperate need of a good grooming, bring their pets to a professional pet groomer, hoping that the groomer knows some magic trick that will make their unruly pet behave. Most of these pet owners are devastated when they revisit the groomers to pick up their pet and find out that the best the groomer managed to do was a partial job. They send the pet home half clipped and uncombed, telling the owner that the pet is their responsibility.

The hard truth is that some pets really don’t like to be groomed. Dogs, who are perfectly happy to splash in mud puddles and swim in rivers, develop an unreasonable fear of water when their owner begins to unroll a hose.

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The first thing a pet owner needs to understand is that if they brush or bath their pet at home, there is absolutely no chance a pet groomer is going to be able to. Professional groomers are people who know how to make a pet look good, they aren’t animal trainers. Pet owners shouldn’t expect them to turn into trainers when they drop their pet off at the pet groomers.

The easiest way to teach your pet that grooming is a pleasurable experience is to start grooming them when they are very young.

Sure puppies and kittens squirm around a lot, and grooming them will be difficult, but they are still small. And remember, part of the reason they are squirming and wiggling around is because they are so happy to be with you. If you start brushing their coats and washing their fur now, they will start to associate those activities with one on one time.

See to it that you spend some time handling and cleaning your pets ears. The more their ears get handled at a young age the easier it will be for your veterinarian to inspect and treat any ear infections your pet might develop later in life.

Teach them by playing

Dog owners all know that trimming their pets nails might be a monstrous engagement. Although you shouldn’t have to trim the nails of your new puppy, you can play with their feet and start getting them familiar with the feel of your fingers against their paws. This will make your life easier in the future.

When your grooming process is complete reward your young pet with treats and play time. It won’t be very long before they learn that sitting still through the grooming process means that they will come to the fun stuff faster.

If you are having a bad day, avoid grooming your pet. They will detect your negative energy and be uncomfortable being trapped on your lap. Instead of grooming, spend the time playing a game with your puppy. They won’t feel trapped and will still have your undivided attention which will make them happy, and you will find that watching them play will have a therapeutic effect on your mental health.

Make every single grooming session a positive experience for both you and your new pet.


Our mobile dog grooming service is ideal for pet owners who do not have time to groom their canine.

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