Get Your Pet Moving! Keep Your Pet Healthy!

Source: robertoaiuto @ Pixabay

Just how much exercise does your pet get?

As pet parents, we should make it a point to ensure that our pets get the exercise and yes, mental stimulation it needs to stay healthy – physically and mentally.

Just like humans, pets need to move about daily. Be they hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles, birds, cats, fish, dogs or reptiles. Living things are made to move – slow or fast, it does not matter.

You could start by getting your pet to work for its treat. Teach them a few tricks and have them repeat, then reward them. You’ll notice how much more disciplined they become over time.

Have a routine in place – you’ll be surprised to know that pets have an internal clock, they instinctively know when they are heading out or when they get to do certain things.

So, start slow and above all, have fun! And that’s when you’ll see the positive response in your pet and reap its rewards at the end of the day!