We advise you to please read through our frequently asked questions.

What would I be required to provide for a grooming appointment?

You would need to provide clean towels. For bigger breeds, like Golden Retriever, we would require 1 big towel or 2 medium-sized towels.

For cleaning of teeth, we encourage owners to have a toothbrush for their pet. If not, we will use the one we have that is disinfected after each use.

For rabbits, we require a dark coloured towel to calm them with by covering their eyes.

How long will the grooming take?

There are a few variables to consider when grooming, such as breed, age and the biggest factors – condition of the coat and temperament.In general, basic grooming for small to medium-sized dogs takes at least 1 hour. For bigger sized dogs, it takes at least 1.5 hours.

For full grooming, it takes at least 2 hours for all breeds.For rabbits, depending on the condition of the coat, basic grooming takes at least half an hour, while full grooming takes at least 1 hour.

Would I be able to watch while my pet is groomed?

We encourage owners to take a peek now and then to check on the progress made.

However, it will be a distraction for the pet, should the owner be present throughout the grooming session especially for pets that are groomed for the first time at home and those who have a strong attachment to their owner. 

Why is it more expensive to groom at home than at a pet shop?

As groomers, we need to build trust with your pet before the grooming starts, more so since we are on their territory.

First, we observe your pet and we wait for them to approach us and smell us. When they sense there is no threat or danger, only then will they allow us to touch them. As we do, we talk to them, building their trust with us.

This opens the door to mutual cooperation and understanding between pet and groomer allowing for a smooth grooming session.

This takes experience, time and skill.