Source: RSPCA

Easy ideas for hours of fun!

Make your fun cardboard box

  • A box of around 18in x 18in x 12in is an ideal size for most rabbits excluding Flemish giants of course!
  • The double walled cardboard boxes are more sturdier. It’ll last longer than single walled boxes.
  • Layering cardboard inside the box gives them more to play with. Cut out 2 – 3 door ways in the box to add a fun element to it.
  • You can connect smaller cardboard boxes to the entrance of larger ones to make it more interesting. That way they have 2 levels to jump around on.
  • You ask your supermarket if they can provide you with cardboard boxes or even some garden centres have a large stock of cardboard boxes.
  • Important tip: Make sure they don’t use staples in their boxes.

Ideal dig boxes

You can use flower pots, washing up bowls or even plastic storage containers as indoor dig boxes.

Fill your container of choice with soil, child friendly sand or with grass turf and this will provide fun for your rabbit. It also encourages natural behaviour as they will like to dig. Optional: add dandelion and herb seeds to the grass turf. (remember to water them, if they are undercover)

These indoor dig boxes can be filled with lots of bits of cardboard & paper torn up for them to dig through and throw about.