4 Dog Grooming Hacks

Dog Grooming Hacks That Save Time and Money

Seeking to save some bucks with at home grooming? I have actually got some great tips and products to effortlessly improve your bathroom and beauty routine for you and your canine.

Cornstarch 2 Ways

Pre-treat tangles: Sprinkle cornstarch on mats and also tangles prior to brushing to assist loosening knots.
Use like dry shampoo: Sprinkle on oily areas as well as brush away the greasies in between baths.


Brush Before Showering

Brushing out those tangles will make bathroom time quicker and also simpler, and quicken drying out time, as well.


Supplement to obtain the Glow

Fish oil or flaxseed oil is rich in fatty acids your canine needs for a gorgeous coat from the inside out.

We like this salmon oil for pets as a supplement to day-to-day kibble or swabbed on a chew toy.


Brushing Wipes for Emergency Situation Cleanups

Unclean paws, booties, and ears could all benefit from an occasional swipe with a disposable cleaning towel. Making use of dog-specific items ensures there are no harmful ingredients, yet the occasional swab with an odorless natural child wipe is great, too. Simply bear in mind that whatever you place on your pet dog, your pet dog ingests.


Happy grooming!

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